Fill-in Forms make form submissions more streamlined and efficient. Data from submitted forms gets forwarded to, so there is no need to submit the forms to us again. A non-logged in user may access select forms from the “Forms” menu item. Logged in users are allowed access to more forms either from the “Customer Forms” menu item or the personal Dashboard.

In some cases, you may request a copy of the data by putting your email address in the required field.  Not all forms have this option. If you would like this option on a particular form, please email us and let us know. 

Downloadable Forms are forms you can download to your local device.  Once completed, you will need to send this information to us by using the upload option on the website by clicking here.

You may also email, fax or mail us the completed forms.


Fax: (603)964-1484

Mail: American Personnel, 300 Lafayette Road Rye, NH 03870